summer feetAs a trained teacher, I know how important it is to keep the education
going throughout the year, in particular over the summer. This article
is also applicable to parents who take a really active hand in
educating their children. Here are just a few ways teachers (and
parents alike) can use the summer respite to be better teachers in the

Summer can be a time to read new books.
such as Digital Leadership or Fair Isn’t Always Fair.

Check out the Salvation Army or other office depots.
A friend of mine recently told me about an amazing place where offices drop their
junk and you can get things for 1 dollar a pound. These includes many
office supplies and decorations for your classroom. Since teachers
spend a lot of money out of pocket for supplies, this would be an
amazing thing to look for in your community.

Take an online courses.
Courses such as and others allow you to take your
summer to rest and relax while honing your teaching skills.

Look for webinars!
Google up some free webinars for teachers that they can listen to while catching up on home cleaning or organization.

Check out this amazing link for teachers that includes fairly
exhaustive resources.

apple and booksThank you, teachers, for teaching!  We hope  this list will help you have a relaxing and informative summer.

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