worryFor many parents, the mere mention of the words June, July and August immediately conjures up images of mass chaos, endless screen time and pure disaster. Add to that the echoing cries of “Mom, I’m bored.” And you have, in short, a three-month nightmare.

While summer vacation does present its challenges, endless hours of boredom do not have to be part of the equation. During the months that the school system isn’t making your schedule, make it yourself! We present, just in time, step-by-step instructions to your family’s summer schedule:

  1. Brainstorm: Spend a few days jotting down ideas for anything applicable. What needs to get done? What would you love to accomplish? Great day trip destinations? DIY projects? Recipes to try with your children?
  2. Scratch copies: Fill in a few samples – learning time, outside time, arts-and-crafts, chores, diary time… whatever you’d like to happen in your family’s life on a regular basis over vacation. Pencil it in and move your items around until they work.
  3. Tweak together: If you have older kids, involve them at this stage. It’ll be their schedule, too, so add, subtract and change to give yourselves the best chance for happy success.
  4. Publish! Colorful poster board and creative presentation will do wonders for fostering love of your new, family schedule. Add some enthusiasm, along with a recorded drum roll and background music and you’ll already be off and running.

Just in case you still have a question mark or two over your head, here are only some categories of time that can take up your day on a regular basis:

Learning time: Science experiments, summer school work, educational movies and games

Prayer time: If this is your thing. Can also be personal reflection, diary writing and/or meditation time

Lawn mowOutdoor time: Day trips, park, run around the nearby track, taking the dog for a walk

Chore time: Self explanatory, but maybe take up a special project for everyone to deal with over the summer, with a congratulatory treat for you all when you’re finished, of course.

Life skills time: Depending on the age(s) of your child(ren), this would include cooking, baking, scrubbing a floor, menu planning, budgeting, minor repairs

Autumn is the limit and vacation is fast approaching, so get started, TODAY!

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