School Supplies Shopping to Keep Kids Organized

Welcome to BeyondTutoring’s Back-to-School Post Bonanza!

We will spend the month of August helping to get your kids and your family ready for The First Day of School and beyond.

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Our first post concerns that big purchase hitting you right about now – the school supply shopping.

Putting in just a little more thought will save quite a lot of potential frustration over the school year

1. Glue

Some schools demand stick glue and some don’t. If your little sweetie is inclined to mess-making, stick to the sticks.

2. Scissors

There are some pretty cool, rounded-end scissors being made today. If your child is older but still accident-prone, you may want to put in the extra searching time and expense to find one.

3. Paper products

Try to get your child’s schedule or list of subjects ahead of time from the school. This will allow you to color coordinate for easy organization. Use the same color for all materials needed for one subject. For example, the math notebook and folder or binder are all red. To make things even easier, once you get those books, color the math book in red paper.

4. Pencils

For the child who often loans out or loses pencils, dig around to fine pencils that are a different color than the standard yellow, or custom order personalized pencils. They cost more per pencil, but considering the number lost over the year, this might work out cheaper for you. For children with compunction to constantly sharpen their pencils, consult the school and consider a mechanical pencil.

5. Markers

Washable. Goes without saying!

6. Compass

For a child with a messy pencil case, that sharp tip on the end of the compass is dangerous. Again, do your digging and find one with a safety cover or retractable tip.

7. Ruler

Do yourselves a favor and buy a ruler made with holes to store in a ring binder. Chasing it through a backpack will only result in the ruler getting lost or broken.

8. Disk-on-key or flash drive

Once again, buy one that looks different, write your child’s name on it and make sure you buy a model that attaches to something larger – a key ring for example.

9. Alarm clock

alarm clock

This item probably isn’t on your school supply list, but it’s just as vital. Teach your child to take responsibility for him or herself and wake up independently. More about this in our morning routine post, coming up.

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