April brings the need and desire (well maybe that’s a bit of a stretch) to spring clean! Especially if you have a child with an exceptionality, it is of utmost importance that you keep organized and get things prepared, both to end this school year and start the next school year. Here are a few things to do to “hack” or upgrade your spring cleaning rituals.
Organized screwsRome was not built in a day and neither was spring cleaning. I often find people who start spring cleaning with a bang, only to give up when it all feels way to overwhelming and daunting. I get it, I really do. I would start with a drawer if this has happened to you in the past. Make it that drawer that you just throw junk into. (You know we all have that one drawer that still has batteries from 1999.) Plan for its demise as the “junk drawer”. Go to the local 99cent store and buy beautiful paper to line the drawer bottom, and really beautify and organize just this one drawer. You will feel so accomplished when that one drawer reaches the epitome of organizational prowess, that you will be able to digest taking on the whole room or even the whole house.

Plan for Success. Top notch spring cleaning needs a plan. You should plan what you are going to delegate, how you are going to get rid of the items that you either don’t use or that have lost their utility. Plan how you are going to “attack” each room in your house. You may feel better organizing by person or by room. Each way has its ups and downs: if you organize by room, you can also incorporate academic papers and the like, but it probably won’t be the focus. If you organize as a hybrid, room and person, you will leave no stone unturned and you will be able to make sure each binder, room and person is lighter and more free to celebrate spring in style.

???????????????????????????????Keep, organize, donate, exchange, sell or toss. Use comprehensive categories in order to keep your items straight. Keep things that serve their purpose regularly. Organize these items in order for them to provide the most utility. If you are not going to keep the items, either donate, exchange, sell or toss, depending on the item.

Try to treat your things as things. I know, I know! But it’s your stuff! Unused stuff will not serve you. It will only serve as a mental block from achieving success in all areas of you life. Remove the feeling that it is yours and just focus on whether it makes your life easier. Ask yourself, with each fringe item:

    • Do you use it regularly?
    • Does it make your life easier?
    • Is it an antique or heirloom that is at least 50 years old?


If your answer isn’t yes to at least one of these, pass on organizing and go right for donation, exchange or toss!

Get the neighbors in on the upgrade. By upgrading your spring cleaning to include neighbors, friends and community members, you have both a built-in team and people you can organize a trade day and/or yard sale with. You will also find accountability buddies. The neighbor exchange day can really elevate your spring cleaning game by allowing you to remove nostalgia, to see that your old things are going to a new home where they will be loved and needed! You can also organize a cul-de-sac sale. (We have mentioned it briefly here.) This is a way to make spring cleaning a celebration and not a chore.

Do you have any ways to spring clean the right way? Did we get it right? Let us know!

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