How To Study Smarter NOT Longer

We are often asked how to get better grades, and we have covered it on other blog posts.

Study skills are the single most important things to master in order to ensure better grades for your students, whether they be exceptional, a ELL student or struggling with earning As as opposed to skating by with Cs.

Here at Beyond Tutoring we call this idea grade hacking.  We don’t want to minimize the problems your student may be having in school.

Still, we want to give you some easy grade hacks which will facilitate learning and get the results you want in a timely fashion.

Here are some ways to instantly improve and shift the situation in your student’s favor:

  • Organize, organize, organize: Use every technology you have available to you, whether it be smart phone, alarm clock or simple color-coding to organize the study space.
  • Create a study mecca:  This should be a place your student LIKES to go.  Put his or her favorite band up, create a clear and organized desk and chair in a corner of a room, but designate this space for studying.
  •  Write out reasonable goals for every grade that needs to be improved:  Go through, grade by grade, and ask your student: What can we do to improve this grade JUST A LITTLE in the next week?  These need to be SMART goals – small, measurable, attainable, realistic and with an end time.  One example would be talking to the teacher during advisory or listening to a fun podcast to incite interest in the subject.
  • Speak to your student’s teacher: Set up an in-person meeting.  Explain the situation.  Offer to bring him or her lunch if you come during a time outside of regularly set up parent time. Teachers generally do want to help improve a student’s study habits.  Although you shouldn’t be bribing your teachers, common courtesy and caring goes a long way.  If you are monolingual in a language other than English, use google translate to communicate or ask the school district for use of a translator.

What do you think of these grade hacks?  What are some of your favorites not mentioned here?


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