As the school year ends, I know that parents and students alike are searching for the perfect teacher gift.  Here are a few great ideas to get you started:

  • Gifts for a positive start of the morning morning: Give the gift of a small blender or coffee maker for the classroom. I would also include some smoothie fixings such as protein powder and a recipe book or frozen smoothie packs for a breakfast on the run that he or she can keep in the staffroom freezer.
  • Gas card/Grocery card or Local grub card
  • A lovely massage or spa day
  • A gym, museum or other membership he or she can use for her summer break
  • A housecleaning service
  • Cooking lessons or a week of meal deliveries
  • A mini fridge and a stock of waters and soda for her classrooms

Those gifts are all amazing and thoughtful, but can get costly if you have a large family or are working on a budget. So we wanted to include some low cost options that will really make your teacher’s day.

  • Make a meal or a a picnic.
  • Offer to make a meal or “cater” a date night.
  • Create a scrapbook or frame a thank you note from your child.
  • Frame class photos with a note or a handmade piece of artwork from your child.
  • Offer to babysit his or her kids and get tickets to a local movie or pack a picnic for Cinema in the Park.
  • Create a summer guide starting with a thank you note of free things that he or she can do during the summer.
  • Make a bath for her – using a recipe of epsom salts, essential oil and other goodies and wrap in a fun way in a mason jar. I often do this for holiday gifts and housewarmings and it is less than 4 dollars a jar! Wow!
  • Any of these amazing crafts (
  • Or these amazing gifts (

Whatever you chose to give, from a monetary gift to a warm letter, just make sure you write your gratitude down to a teacher who has taught your son or daughter this year.

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