Ah, the lemon… that beautiful, odd fruit that can’t be eaten as a snack is oh-so-versatile! Here are seven ways to make your child’s life better with lemons:

1. Travel sickness

Smelling a whole or cut lemon on long car trips may help your child feel better. It can seriously cut down the queasiness. Just make sure your child isn’t sucking endlessly on the lemon (no joke, some kids will) because the acidic level is very high, possibly damaging teeth.


2. Make lemonade!

When life hands you lemons, right? Lemonade is the perfect summer treat, and making lemonade is a great summer activity. Squeezing lemons is great wrist exercise.

3. Give your fruit salad a boost

Give a squeeze of lemon on a fruit salad and mix it in. This will preserve the pretty colors of your salad.

4. Deodorizer

The smell of whole lemons will brighten a room. Using air conditioning in a closed up house can create a stale, musty smell. If it’s too hot outside to open the windows, try some strategically-placed lemons.

5. Cure congestion

Though not characteristic to summer, colds still do happen. Feel better quick with (safely) “hot” tea, boosted with raw honey (for children over three years old) and lemon juice. This’ll help your tot feel better, quick.

6. Small motor coordination project

For children old enough and responsible enough to handle an awl, create a homemade pomander. Gently poke the whole lemon rind and insert whole cloves into these holes. Pack the cloves in tight and you have a great, small motor workout and an olfactory treat!

7. Child-friendly cleaning spray

Lemon juice is a great cleaning spray and isn’t dangerous for children. Fill up a spray bottle with watered down lemon juice, give your child a rag and let him loose. This isn’t for woodwork and make sure he knows that this isn’t a water gun and lemon juice isn’t eye-friendly. Let him clean plastic items, Formica, bathtubs, and sinks and marvel at all that clean and shine he has created.

So even though a lemon isn’t one of those many fruits you can grab for a healthy, quick snack, they’re still an honored and tremendously useful member of the citrus family.

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