Now that we’re full steam into barbeque season, you’ll be collecting the leftovers from packages of bamboo skewers. You know what I’m talking about – you bought a package, didn’t finish it, forgot about it, then bought another package for the next barbecue and there we are – skewer overruns. Don’t let these handy guys sit in the bottom of your junk drawer. Here are some great ways to put them to good use!

Shishkebab anything – This is great for picky eaters! Fruit, veggies, cheese cubes…perfect snack or lunch side dish. With most kids, it works even better if they’re the ones to create their own edible masterpiece, plus this provides a great hand-eye coordination activity.

3D cake decorations – Put each letter of a word on a skewer or string a banner between two and turn a plain cake into The Cake.

Polymer clay (Fimo-type) bead centers – Rolling dough is a great exercise and lots of fun. Roll beads from different colors and use a skewer to poke the hole through the bead. Make some bright color jewelry with your child, for herself or for gift giving.

fimo beadsFondue – Sure, you could make marshmallow and chocolate fondue, but you can also do veggies and cheese or a cold dip of fruit into yogurt. Did you ever guess that getting your Five-A-Day could be so fun?

Cake pop / cookie pop bouquet – Turn cake crumbs from your freezer and regular sugar cookie dough into a beautiful bouquet by mounting them both on skewers. Arrange beautifully and tie with a bow. This is a recipe for an instant smile!

Shadow puppets – Cut out heavy paper into shapes of characters in a favorite story. Turn out the lights and play out your story by making shadows on the wall. This is also a great way to experiment with light and shadows. See what happens when the source of light is moved. The shadow gets longer/shorter/more blurry, sharper. Why?

Sun Clock – A clock motor and hands are readily available in most craft shops. Mount this on a circle of Styrofoam and that is the center of your clock. Poke skewers in at the number places with colorful Styrofoam balls stuck on the ends. You have useful and nearly instant wall art to brighten a room.

Aren’t you glad you overbought on the skewers this summer?

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