Creative Questions To Ask Your Child On a Nature Walk

Nature walks are one of the most magnificent items to put on your summer bucket list.

The family gets together with no interruptions, in relative quiet, to observe a veritable wonderland of flora and fauna.

This setting is an ideal, cost-free, informal learning experience, as well as providing a great opportunity for exercise and appreciation.

Here are thirty questions to ask your child while sauntering through the woods:

  1. What colors do you see?
  2. How tall do you think those trees are?
  3. Did you notice the different shapes of all the leaves?
  4. What does the ground feel like?
  5. What do you feel when you see litter in the forest?
  6. What do you think happens here at night time?
  7. Can you guess how old that tree might be?
  8. Can you hear the wind rustling the leaves?
  9. Can you find a bird nest here?
  10. What’s the smallest animal you’ve seen?
  11. How’re things going with your friends?
  12. How much cooler do you think it is here in the forest than it is out in the sun?
  13. What do you think the animals here eat?
  14. Why do you think some flowers are closed up and some are open?
  15. How do the animals stay safe from their predators?
  16. What lives in that hollow log?
  17. Did you notice that the moss is always on the same side of the tree trunks?
  18. Have you noticed how different this forest looks through the different seasons?
  19. Where do you think the animals would go if someone cut down the trees?
  20. So, are there any bullies at school?
  21. If we’re really quiet, what can you hear?
  22. What do you think pinecones do for the pine trees?
  23. Is it nice for you to sometimes not here all sorts of electronic noises like motors from cars and the fridge and computer beeps?
  24. What do you think this forest looked like fifty years ago? What do you think it might look like in another fifty years?
  25. How do you think the deer recognize which of the other deer are their family and which aren’t?
  26. If you climbed to the top of that tree and looked around, what do you think you would be able to see from there?
  27. Why do you think trees have sap?
  28. What would be some really great paintings you could make of what you’ve seen here?
  29. How do you think that stream got its path going through here?
  30. How is your summer vacation going so far?

Have a great time connecting to nature, to the world and to each other on your hike.

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