Wonderful Organization Tips & Tricks This Summer If you have been reading this blog or have ever met me, you know I think that organization is the foundation of educational success.

Think I am exaggerating? Nope.

I really believe that in order for any life success to happen there needs to be planning and tons of organization.

The best thing about organization is that it can be done for little to no money and can lead to such successful outcomes.

As summer is coming, here are organizational tips especially geared for summer but can be utilized year round.

1. Summer Vacation Jars

A great tip to organize your souvenir drawer is through beautiful mason jars and labels. Use sand as a base and recreate your vacation by a little diorama, this also doubles as a wonderful and personal gift to family and friends. Again, you can give this little craft to your children’s teachers as an introduction to your children and a way of saying hello.

2. Tackle That Garage

I know for me that the garage is a dumping ground where I house everything from an old baseball mitt to a sofa. Summer is the time to tackle this project. This year I was able to make Container Store quality (OK, almost Container Store quality) shelving using plywood and a drill. I made beautiful shelves and hooks to line the garage and organized everything in clear and labeled plastic containers. Another way to organize the garage is by area, giving each area a color.

3. Knowing When To Walk Away & Knowing When To Run

I think a really good rule of thumb in summer time reorganization is knowing when to walk away and knowing when to run, from Kenny Roger’s The Gambler. (Incidentally, this is a great song to Karaoke to this summer).

This is an amazing list of what to just toss in your life (I would keep the change, however): Maybe this summer toss each item for each member of your family once a day.

4. Make a Summer Apron Tote or Sew Aprons into Your Kids School Bags

A hardware store apron or gardener apron make a super cheap organization tool that you can easily sew into sports or hobby bags to keep your student or athlete organized during the school year.

5. Road Tripping Anyone

This is a great time to use your old shoe organizer or CD binder to organize. Use your shoe organizer to store all the necessities that your kids will need as you road trip, snacks, toys, books — this will help keep your kids entertained and occupied. If you have a lot of DVDs, use a CD binder to keep organized.

6. Educational Mapping and Job Charting

This is the perfect time to create a wonderful educational map (either on your own or with us as experts) and a choice chart as school comes!

7. Shop For Cheap Local Produce, Freeze The Extra & Label Them

Another amazing one from the ultimate organizational guru, Martha Stewart is to use the summer to label and freeze the amazing, local and cheap produce, use these labels to organize that ice chest.

Organized papers8. Tackle That Mail & Bill Pile

I know, this one is a pain!

I hate mail (unless it is a lovely, handwritten thankful note), using accordion files or trays to organize outgoing, incoming mail or needs-attention mail.

Remember, according to Peter Walsh, terrific organizer, later is the enemy of clutter.

9. Winter is Coming

OK I am really getting nerdy with these references, but remember that in the words of about everyone in Westeros in Game of Thrones, winter is coming, use the warmth of summer to motivate you to create seasonal storage. This is where your summer things can go in the winter and your winter clothes and equipment in the summer.

10. Surface Spectacular

Use a summer night when you want to take refuge in the AC of your home to clean every single surface both free of clutter and then clean the actual surface. Everything should have a home and your table top should have meaningful objects not just paper and junk.

What are your favorite summer cleaning tips? We can’t wait!

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