Tablet, cell phone, television and computer time all work as relatively cheap entertainment and babysitting when necessary.

Still, the screen overdose level the children of this country are going through is unnecessary and damaging.

Providing your children are using their devices under the premises above, here are 10 things that you can give them to do that are affordable and will constructively occupy their time – no screens necessary:

  1. Printables – Mazes, coloring pages, paper dolls and much more are all available by googling.
  2. Have your child make dinner – Tuesday is “restaurant night” with Makayla! Let her plan a simple menu, set the table, be the waitress and rake in the compliments.
  3. Build a fort – use thrown out odds and ends or light weight bamboo poles and old sheets to make a multiple-use playhouse in the yard.
  4. Plant a garden and keep it up.
  5. Read books! They don’t have to be expensive, new books. The library, used book stores, garage sales and swaps from friends can provide endless adventures.
  6. Playdates – While needing some supervision, you don’t have to (and shouldn’t be) actively involved 100% of the time.
  7. Craft project – chose one, have your supplies ready and go!
  8. Build a mini-golf course – You can even do this in the rain by setting it up in the living room or family room, using a ping pong ball rather than a golf ball.
  9. Write a story – Get a blank book or a drawing pad. Draw and illustrate away.
  10. Outdoor fun – With the minimum or only a sibling and/or a friend, you already have the start for a great game of tag, hide-and-seek and all those other fantastic games of yesteryear.

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