This week, as we approach Valentine’s Day, we will tackle subjects that parents with students with particular exceptionalities have to grapple with as Valentine’s Day is celebrated in your students’ schools. In this week’s Valentine’s special posts, we will examine how parents of students with different disabilities can help their children navigate the landmine of school-sponsored social activities, dances, exchanging of valentines and social media that surrounds the day of love.
i-love-youWe must reevaluate Valentine’s Day in light of wide spectrum of exceptionalities and realize that if we step back, we can see the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. It is important to realize that love is at the basis and one of the tenants of love is acceptance. In this re-framing of Valentine’s Day, let’s learn to love differences and appreciate people not in spite of this difference but because of them. Remember as we approach this often-precarious school situation, as a parent, your attitude and energy is often felt by your student. In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, write a small love note to your student about things you admire about his or her difference. Pack this note in a notebook, hide it in a shoe or give it to the student  after school. With no affect or reason, affirm in your students that you love them, and all of them. Although this day may be riddled with problems, students who are appreciated and loved for who they are can more strongly and appropriately handle social adversity.

On the blog this week are specific tips for parents and students on the autism spectrum and how to deal with Valentine’s Day, Depression, Social Anxiety and Accommodations for Valentine’s Day and our Feel Good Friday, a new reoccurring blog post on real world people who have triumphed over adversity. Stay tuned!

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