What Can I Expect From an Academic Advocate?I am not one to dance around an issue.

You are gearing up to send your student to a very expensive college or high school and have noticed that he or she just doesn’t quite have the skill set to succeed in that preferred framework.

This is the time to consider hiring me, but you say, “Why are you soooo expensive?” (That so is always exaggerated.)

While I totally agree that we charge a lot by the hour, really any way you cut it, there are very solid justifications for the fees we charge:

1. We produce results

If ever there is an opportunity to toot my own horn, it is in justifying our price tag. We create not just excellent students, but organized, clear-thinking and mindful adults who are primed for success later in life. Students have gone from failing to considering top law schools and from crying messes to thriving in a careers at prestigious companies.

2. We don’t just change grades, we change lives

We have found that these skills easily transfer to the workplace. Those who have worked with us and have moved through to their career launch quicker, get promoted faster and are often sought-after commodities.

As students, they are more clear about expectations and managing their teachers and this facilitates their easily becoming excellent workers who are able to seamlessly manage their managers and climb that corporate ladder.

3. We speak Millennial

We are terrific translators between millennials and their baby boomer parents. We are fluent in millennial, we understand what they value and we are able to use this fluency to communicate toward academic success.

We understand there is a communication gap between the millennial students and their teachers and we want to be the conduit for that gap.

In a generation constantly asking why before doing, we have the answers and the patience to guide your millennial to success. Why? Because we’ve got the goods.

4. We care

Okay, so this isn’t really a reason you pay us the big bucks, but stay with me for a second.

We are fully available to our clients. Friday night at 10 pm? Yup we are there because we care about your student’s well being.

Weekend? Of course. We are there for you.

One of my favorite clients asked me for urgent advice while I was in the middle of a heated tennis game. We had to put a pause on the game so I could respond.

Part of us being available is taking on fewer clients, so our clients are people and not numbers to us.

5. We believe that good is the enemy of great

What does this even mean and what does this have to do with me going generic to hire you? We have unlimited expectations of ourselves and of your student.

How does that sound?

6. We have the goods

Did I mention that I went to a whole lot of school? Yeah, I went to a T14 law school, passed the bar on the first go and (while I was running my business) received an education masters in teaching.

This doesn’t even begin to include the certificates, honors and awards.

Also, we don’t hire slouches! Everyone who works for us has a masters’ degree or higher, so they also know how to succeed academically. So while you could go on an online platform and hire someone for far less, we have the goods and the results to prove it.

7. We know the law, we know schools and we know the process

Circling back to success and results, this is an important reason as to why we are so costly.

We know what it takes from years of honing our craft.

Do you feel that your student is getting the runaround? We are professionals at putting the breaks on.

Clients often remark that they wish they had us around in grade school so we could have righted the ship at its first detour.

We wish we has been there, too.

8. We are on top of accountability and organization

You are a busy mom or dad.

You just don’t have time to hound your students in college and high school. We get it.

Even if pulled an award-winning performance, the Tiger Mom or Helicopter Dad doesn’t always work. We are on top of it — we make sure ever T is crossed and I is dotted.

9. We are experts

There is a reason our blog is called Beyond Tutoring. This is because while we each tutor as subject matter experts in various subjects, we realize that tutoring is only a portion of academic success.

We treat and help with the root reason causing your student’s struggle. We get it — we cost money — but all of our long term clients are happy with the investment and have even hired us in a variety of capacities to keep us in the loop.

Bottom line: Yes we are expensive, but we are worth it.

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